Further Improvements! National LGPS Frameworks Launches a Frameworks Document Portal

National LGPS Frameworks are pleased to announce a new Frameworks Document Portal which is now available on www.nationallgpsframeworks.org. This portal enables secure and easy authorised access to relevant information for each Framework including Guidance Notes, Pricing Schedules and Supplier Catalogues.

Part of the operational efficiencies that the team have been introducing, this portal removes the need to send large amounts of documents via an encrypted email system - increasing security and control of the documentation together with improving the user experience.

From now on when you return a confidentiality statement for a Framework, an account will be created allowing you to securely access and download the framework documents as and when you need them.

If you would like more information about the Frameworks Document Portal or if you would like to register for an account, please contact Jamie Freeman on 01603 638165 or by email at jamie.freeman2@norfolk.gov.uk