Two New Frameworks Coming Soon

The National LGPS Frameworks will shortly be launching two new Frameworks - for Integrated Service Providers (ISP) and Member Data Services, and for Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) Services.

National LGPS Framework for Integrated Service Providers (ISP) and Member Data Services.

To support Funds with the upcoming requirements of Pensions Dashboards we have been working with Cheshire, Essex, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Norfolk, West Midlands and West Yorkshire Pension Funds along with NILGOSC to establish this new Framework.

The Framework will provide the LGPS with a compliant route to market for an ISP, as well as supporting with data quality and dashboard readiness. An ISP offers a scheme administrator connectivity to the Pensions Dashboard Ecosystem. The Framework will also offer services including address tracing and correction services, mortality screening, overseas address tracing and correction, overseas proof of life and mortality screening, bank account verification and data quality reporting.

The tender documents for this Framework have been issued and we plan to launch the Framework in early April 2024.

National LGPS Framework for Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) Services

The first National LGPS Framework for AVC Services is currently being worked on with support from Cheshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Leicestershire, and Strathclyde Pension Funds. This Framework is being developed to support Funds in meeting their AVC responsibilities and will have two Lots: for Additional Voluntary Contribution Services, and for AVC Consultancy Services.

For further information about either of these new Frameworks please contact