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Founding Authorities

The Founders are at the heart of every Framework; from shaping the specification of services through to evaluating Provider tender responses. To date 49 Funds and Pools have acted as Founders, often multiple times and on more than one Framework.
Bedford Borough Council
Border to Coast
Buckinghamshire Pension Fund
Cambridgeshire County Council
Cheshire Pension Fund
Clwyd Pension Fund (Flintshire County Council)
Croydon Council
Derbyshire Pension Fund
Dorset County Pension Fund
Dumfries & Galloway Council
Dyfed Pension Fund (Carmarthenshire County Council)
East Sussex Pension Fund
Environment Agency Pension Fund
Essex Pension Fund
Glasgow City Council
Greater Manchester Pension Fund
Hackney Council
Hampshire Pension Fund
Hertfordshire County Council
Kent Pension Fund
Lambeth Council
Lancashire County Council
Leicestershire County Council
LGPS Central
Lincolnshire Pension Fund
Local Pensions Partnership Investments
London CIV
Lothian Pension Fund
Merseyside Pension Fund
Norfolk Pension Fund
Nottinghamshire Pension Fund
South Tyneside Council
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority
Staffordshire Pension Fund
Suffolk County Council
Surrey Pension Fund
Teesside Pension Fund
Tower Hamlets Council
Wales Pension Partnership
West Midlands Pension Fund
West Northamptonshire Council
West Sussex County Council
West Yorkshire Pension Fund
Westmorland & Furness Council