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Access to Framework Documents - Global Custody

This page provides key details on how to access all the documentation for the Global Custody Services Framework.

How do I access the User Documentation?

To access the user documentation you will need to complete an online Option Form detailing your organisation along with a Confidentiality Statement by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

We cannot share the commercially sensitive documents of this Framework until you have completed the online Confidentiality Statement. Completing this form places you under no obligation to use the Framework but allows us to share the full set of Framework documents with you.

Once you have completed the online Confidentiality Statement and Option Form you will be given access to the full set of Framework documentation through our secure sign-in, including:

  • Guidance Notes
  • Guide to Call-Off
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Example Invitation to Further Competition
  • Example Award Letters
  • Order Form
  • Call-Off Terms and Conditions
  • Call-Off Scoring Template
  • Potential Further Competition Questions
  • Rebate Structure and Examples
  • Asset Transition Guidance
  • Pricing Schedules
  • Provider Catalogues

You can then view the supporting user documents to help you decide if this Framework suits your needs.